​​​Getting to Know Ashley Borghese 

​I want to positively affect people's lives. I chose Mechanical Engineering with this in mind; it has a broad reach into many industries, hopefully allowing me to find a career that allows me to use my skills and talents to make a difference every day.

I'm in my fifth​ year at the University of Cincinnati working toward my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering; I'll be graduating in May of 2019. When I'm not in school I'm still learning, and working. I have had the opportunity to participate in UC’s co-op program and have worked for Boston Scientific for three semesters as a part of it. I also Co-op with Cincinnati Fan and am still working there part time while taking classes; There I'm learning and implementing Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies. 

​​​​​For more about my work experience​ check out my Experience Page​



In My Spare Time 

If I'm not soaking up the knowledge from school and work, I'll probably be outside. I enjoy every kind of weather. When it's warm I lay out in the sun, when it's cold I build a fire to snuggle up to. I'm a certified SCUBA diver and have been fortunate to have gone diving in the beautiful Florida Keys. I complete at least one half marathon every year. Hopefully in a few years I'll do a full one! I always enjoy a challenge and love trying new things.

I am enthusiastic about pursuing my passions; whether that be volunteering or my hobbies. I volunteer on campus with "The Edge House;" there I support and mentor underclassmen, mediate discussions, and provide outreach for the community. 


What I Am Like

I am an outgoing introvert. My friends consider me very calm and collected. I'm always looking toward the future; this drives me to continuously improve. I am always considering other people when making decisions. I'm tenacious and always motivated by a good challenge.​